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Annexing the Sudetenland


This is the latest capitulation to the automobile taking place in Bellevue:  They have decided to widen NE 8th Street, for two blocks! I am uncertain how these two blocks will do anything for the unfixable traffic situation, other than move the head of the traffic jam two blocks farther along.

From Bellevue
Also, look closely at the building in the middle of the picture and the distance between it and the new curb. Somehow, I doubt a usable sidewalk can be put there.

A long time ago, city hall made the decision to only include half the streets in downtown Bellevue.  So unlike the gridlock that occurs in most cities, in Bellevue it has to happen with half as many streets.  There is no fix other than getting people out of their cars.  So adding an extra lane for two blocks is useless at best.  It is just another futile attempt to appease an insatiable tyrant (hence the title).

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