The Vegan Militia

... because we are all made out of meat!

Self-fulfilling stereotype


I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room looking at a diet/nutrition magazine, which really seems to be a “how much meat and cheese can we squeeze in and still be healthy” sort of magazine. I just ran into the “special diets bookshelf” section and see a vegan cookbook listed. The reviewer says

... with dozens of recipes each proving that "lactose free," "ethical" and "environmentally sustainable" are not synonymous with boring or difficult.

If readers weren’t thinking that being a vegan was boring or difficult before they read that, they are now.  Everyone knows that doing ethical or environmentally sustainable things must always take a back seat to taste.  However, if a chef cannot make an interesting or flavorful vegan dish, they are incompetent.  Any moron can throw a slab of flesh onto a plate and and have a flavorful meal.  Many do.

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