The Vegan Militia

... because we are all made out of meat!

Too Specific


I have seen a number of Facebook friends join the cause NO DOG SHOULD BE BEATEN, and then I got an invite.  Should I join or not?  Of course, I cannot disagree with such a sentiment. However, it feels a bit odd. It would be like saying “No 4 year old Connecticut girls should get beaten with yardsticks”.   Again, something very few people would disagree with, but far too specific.

If we widen the sentiment out to all animals, dogs, human or otherwise, that is better.  Then replace “beaten” with “harmed in any way”.  That sounds much better to me.  But, I doubt that cause will get 1.3 million members, as it would require them to look at what is on their plate and realize they have to do something more than click the “join” button.

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