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Revisiting Open Source Social Networking Alternatives


Reposted from my BlurBlog: Revisiting Open Source Social Networking Alternatives

By timothy

reifman writes Upstart social networking startup Ello burst on the scene in September with promises of a utopian, post-Facebook platform that respected user’s privacy. I was surprised to see so many public figures and media entities jump on board — mainly because of what Ello isn’t. It isn’t an open source, decentralized social networking technology. It’s just another privately held, VC-funded silo. Remember Diaspora? In 2010, it raised $200,641 on Kickstarter to take on Facebook with “an open source personal web server to share all your stuff online.” Two years later, they essentially gave up, leaving their code to the open source community to carry forward. In part one of “Revisiting Open Source Social Networking Alternatives,” I revisit/review six open source social networking alternatives in search of a path forward beyond Facebook.

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A good survey of the options. I’ve been on diaspora for years, but its a lonely place.

November 25, 2014 at 01:09PM

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