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Slavery in the family


Since this is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, it seemed like a good time to document some disturbing things I have found while researching my family tree.

For several months I have been reading Concerning the Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten family in America: a genealogy and brief history, and some time ago I first noticed (with shock and horror) the word “slave”.  None of these were my direct ancestors, but rather distant cousins many generations removed (obviously).  But regardless of how there is a connection, having any connection to slave ownership is shameful.

I have been pondering, for some time,how to document this sad chapter in my family’s history.  For now, I will just list what I have found so far.  Each bullet item, below, represents a single cousin.  Note that I have, for the most part, quoted the aforementioned book directly, which was written in in 1907 and was quoting yet earlier sources, so any offensive language is not mine.

To end on a better note I found these two passages:

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