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Descendants of Liberty


We just finished watching Sons of Liberty. I think they took huge liberties with the historical facts, and the amount of time spent in commercials seemed rather extreme (over 25% by my measure). But I thought it was well made and entertaining.

But I’m not a movie critic and I’m not going to even pretend to be one. Rather, I will share a section of the Van Bunschoten book which provides a glimpse of actual history related to the events in the show.

Now come we to the Revolutionary test. A meeting of the inhabitants of Rombout Precinct was called " on hearing the news of the Lexington outrage ‘and of the Resolution taken in Parliament declaring the whole country Rebels,’ to provide for the preservation of our families and that a firm union may subsist between us and the other Precincts." This was signed at Fishkill on May 2, 1775, by forty-two free-holders including Elias Van Bunschoten, his son Elias, Jr.. and his nephew Matthew. Quickly followed the historic pledge: “Persuaded” etc., * * “we do associate, under all the ties of religion, honor and love to our country, to adopt and endeavor to carry into execution whatsoever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention.” This Elias signed and ten others of the name in Dutchess county, and as many more who were connected with the family by marriage.

Presumably my fifth great-grandfather was amongst the other signers. I have yet to incorporate this information onto WeRelate, but I’m working on it.

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