The Vegan Militia

... because we are all made out of meat!

Site moved and hopefully resurrected


I just migrated this site to Laughing Squid’s new cloud hosting and upgraded WordPress.  I’ve been hoping to get this blog going again, as I have a bunch of rants bottled up, but it has been a very busy year:  My daughter just turned two, we moved across the country last year and the house has needed a lot of work.

I debated setting up separate blogs for the different topics of concern to me, but I figured that’s just too much work, so there will be an odd mix of topics here including: veganism (from an abolitionist viewpoint), bicycling, gardening and various computer programming topics.

Considering this is my first post pretty much since my daughter was born, I’m sure I’m talking to an empty room.  That’s ok, I’m used to it.  But this post at least will explain the long gap and the change in focus.

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