The Vegan Militia

... because we're all made of meat!

Climate Change Hits Home

When we first moved to Connecticut, I was doing some yard work in an attempt clean up the years of neglect of the previous owners, and my wife told me to be careful of poison ivy. Being from Oregon, I knew nothing about poison ivy, though I had seen my step-son go through the agony of a severe head-to-toe outbreak some years earlier. So, I did some reading and and started spotting it growing everywhere in my yard.

Listen to your mother

Every time I visit my mother, we end up doing a bunch of genealogy work, and then afterwards I continue doing a bunch of research, and our latest visit was no exception. Several months ago I posted lamenting the lack of information about mothers in family trees. After visiting with my mother, I started looking at all the mothers in the family tree, rather than focussing on the difficult one on my matrilineal line, and started doing some searches on each and I turned up a number of books written about the families to which these women belonged.

Abusive mothers and Lions

Many years ago a friend of mine was telling me about her abusive mother, and about an incident where her little brother got into something poisonous (a cleaning chemical or somesuch). She proceeded to praise her mother for calling poison control. I remember looking at her, stunned, that she was praising her mother for doing something any mother should do. But my friend’s frame of reference was so distorted by the abuses her mother had heaped upon her children that it seemed like a noble act.

The Vegan Militia 3.0

Welcome to my reworked blog. This will mark the third incarnation of this blog. There was a short-lived Drupal based site, then I set up Wordpress 6 years ago. So what’s that you say? It sounded like you said “so what”, but I know you really meant “how come?” About a month ago I get an email from the good people at Laughing Squid informed me that I had vastly outstripped my compute cycle quota.

Pick a Different Two

There’s an old saying that I first heard a couple of decades ago: Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two. I was listening to an NPR story about Moore’s Law. At first I was thinking that it gave us computers that are “fast” and “cheap”. But we never got the “fast”. The workstation on my desk 25 years ago was just as fast as the one I’m sitting at now. Ah, but that old Sun 3⁄50 didn’t have to do nearly as much as my current workstation, which is true.

I B.M.

IBM comes through again! It’s bad enough they replaced the ClearCase installer with their “Installation Manager” (a classic failure to follow the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”). But now we get error messages like this: The Installc executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library. Very helpful. We don’t know what library it was looking for, or where it was looking. Of course, I guess I should be thankful, as it is unusual to even get error messages from the Installation Manager.

Retroactive matriarchy

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by such things, but while researching the Dutch portion of my family tree, I ran across an organization, which had this statement on the web site: _“You may be eligible to become a member if you are a descendant in the direct male line of an ancestor who …” _ I have no interest in joining, but if that one word were not in that sentence I would be eligible.

The Lessons of Technocracy

Imagine, if you will, a teenage boy, a utopian dreamer, always thinking about how to “save the world”, wandering through a county fair. In amongst the usual merchants he spots a booth run by an organization called Technocracy. A book with the title “Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?” catches his eye and draws him in. Being shy, he grabs a few pieces of literature and wanders off. Upon reading these it seems to be the very utopian dreams he has had, and this organization claims to have the “blueprints”.

Funny Spam

The only good thing that spammers do for us is to give us something to laugh at. The latest case was a comment in my moderation queue which started like this: {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It continued on for quite a while, but I’ll spare you. Clearly someone screwed up their automation. Just for grins, I wanted to see if I could write a one-liner to process this input, and, viola!

But Weasels are Natural!

I have been involved or witness to a number of debates which have led me to the conclusion that the word “natural” should be considered a weasel word. Being vegan I have people tell me that it is “natural” to eat animals, and on the other side I see vegans claiming that not eating animals is “natural”. People argue that the paleo diet is “natural”, or that a raw food diet is “natural”.